Case Studies - Aerial photography for the Wish Project Belfast

Case Studies

The WISH project Belfast, is the largest work to date from Cuban artist Jorge Rodriguez Gerada, and is sited on 11 acres of land adjacent to the Titanic building Belfast. From the early stages of the WISH project, Colin Williams Photography was involved in documenting the progress of the art work by capturing low level aerial video, aerial still photography and completing the large vertical aerial panoramic photograph that everyone has seen, throughout the planet. The featured aerial video received approximately 165,000 viewings on YouTube in the first few weeks, which for us is fantastic, even though we didn't get a credit.

Our main function was to provide vertical imagery over the site, which would enable the staff and Jorge to measure progress on the masterpiece and make adjustments to the ground material as they progressed with the artwork. After receiving full permissions from NATS our CAA approved and qualified team, commenced shooting the vertical images with our unmanned aerial vehicle at 200ft AGL. The UAV followed a planed flight line and at pre arranged points our camera team carefully recorded the aerial vertical photographs over the Belfast site. On completion, the high definition photographs were then stitched together to make one very, very large aerial panoramic print. Client and artist feedback to us has been fantastic with positive and encouraging comments.

Could this have been covered using traditional aircraft here in Northern Ireland, we doubt it.  You know where we are give us a call for your free quotation.


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