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Case Studies

Throughout Northern Ireland, Colin Williams Photography has installed a few timelapse cameras on construction sites and at various locations. Cameras are programmed to shoot one photograph every few seconds, minutes or hours, depending on the scene being filmed. In the majority of cases, the client will use the final footage as a tool to record progress from project start to finish. Thereafter the short video may be used for in-house presentations, media, TV, PR etc. In addition to the end video, you also have the ability and benefit to project manage the site from an office over the timelapse installation period. Our systems which use the 3G/4G network, you have the freedom to log onto our cameras from anywhere in the world. It is just a matter of entering a password on a private website. Authorisied users and mangers can view the last recorded image live on their desk-top computer, tablet or mobile phone at any time.

But this case study is about helping you to save money. So how can timelapse save money?  Picture the scene if you will. You hire a very expensive piece of mobile equipment for one day only.  The contractor agreed that it will be on site at a certain time in the morning and that work is scheduled to last for some hours before the equipment is returned to the rental company. The costings calculated around that hire time, are for one day only. However in reality the setup takes a lot more time than expected (through no fault of yours), which delays the task going from one day and extending the rental into two days. Your hire fee has now doubled with the contractor adding an additional day to the rental rate. A dispute is now centered around that additional days rental in regard to time of arrival, set-up and operating issues. The contractor demands the additional days hire. So how do you prove that the delay was caused by the rental contractor - simple - use the images taken by our timelapse cameras.

In this general scenario thats what happened. Our client proved that delays were not caused by him but by the late arrival and extended set-up time for the rental equipment. Once the timelapse photography coverage was made known to the rental company, their claim for an additional day hire was withdrawn. Being safe guarded by our timelapse footage our client was saved from a very expensive invoice. In fact, the money saved will pay for the timelapse commission over the project duration.

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