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Timelapse commissions - First rule, know what you're getting

23 Aug 2015

Just recently, we had been asked to quote for a timelapse camera to cover the demolition and reconstruction of a retail store and warehouse. Our quotation was rejected on the basis of cost, which was more than double, yes double, to what a competitor had quoted the construction company for a 16 month timelapse installation. So obviously alarm bells rang. Just how did I get the quote that far out. Well the honest answer, we didn't. The client signed up with another company without even knowing what they were getting for their money. Unfortunately they, like many others, were attracted and taken in by the low cost alternative to our installations and productions. They didn't take into account - photo quality, project management, world-wide remote access, downloads and final production all of which is important to project management and constant referencing.  So what is the difference - 

  • We use - a professional DSLR 18-24mp            AN Other - webcam 4mp
  • We use a suitable pro lens                                 AN Other - fisheye webcam lens
  • We shoot in excess of 4K                                   AN Other - 1080x720
  • Our Images suitable for print, TV etc                AN Other - not suitable for printing, web use only
  • We provide website branded interface              AN Other - no interface
  • We permit high res downloads                          AN Other - no downloads
  • New image every 10-12mins                              AN Other - constant live feed
  • Remote camera support                                     AN Other - no support
  • 3G network coverage                                         AN Other - no network
  • Images downloaded each day                           AN Other - images collected at end of project
  • We include the final edit in quote                      AN Other - Additional cost for final video production
  • Costum made mounts & brackets                     AN Other - cable tied to post
  • Solar or mains powered units                            AN Other - mains power only
  • Experienced CSC & IPAF qualified staff           AN Other - unlikely to be qualified

The above list is what we have been able to confirm from one client in comparing quotations after feedback. It is very apparent the units and photohraphic companies are very different and after a quick analysis it is easy to see why. If you are considering time-lapse photography for your next construction project, please be mindful, everything is not equal in the world of photography, so BE AWARE, at least talk to us or use the free quotation form available here

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