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News blog

Timelapse camera installation - Long term

20 Jan 2015

It's great to learn some company directors and managers are now thinking outside of the box when it comes to management of their latest sites and Public Relation videos. Enquiries for high end, long term, time-lapse photography with CWP is on the increase this year. We already have several systems in operation covering construction, transportation and demolition projects throughout Ireland. Today was no exception. Our team were once again on site bright and early and have installed our latest camera. Again this unit will be on site for one year taking photographs every ten minutes Monday to Friday 7AM - 7PM, through wind, rain, sun and snow. At the end of each month a small timelapse video will be produced. This unit is running a fullframe DSLR with a wide lens shooting 24mp per frame, that's greater quality than 4K.

As long as everything remains operational and 3G signal continues to remain strong, the next time I'll see our camera will be sometime in 2016. If you are considering timelapse video footage fill in the 'request a quote' form for a free no obligation quote.

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