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27 Nov 2014

I'm sure you once heard the quotation, " If you think professionals are expensive - wait until you use an amateur." Once again CWP has come to the rescue for a client. At the beginning of the week we had a long discussion with an aggrieved party who had enlisted the services of a "new aerial photographer" following a web search on Google. The wrongly entitled 'photographer' promised the earth, including high quality aerial photographs. The photographers fee should have been the first warning indicator to the client, as their total quotation just about covered our travel time to the construction site which was 2.5hrs from our office, never mind the photographic shoot itself. The self proclaimed 'photographer' arrived on site, took some aerial images for 15mins, left and later delivered the files all within the agreed time frame. Im not even sure they were approved by the CAA to do so. All good so far.  Well, at least until our client proofed his high quality images. The images were over exposed, blurred, the horizon was of being straight but the worst factor was the lens distoration, which proved that the world was indeed round. It was very obvious the photographer used one of the small sports cameras for a professional photo session!!!. Please remember these images were to have been printed to A1 size.

Using a full frame DSLR with a specialised professional L series lens, we attended and reshot the complete construction site. It took us a little over two hours, afterwich we delivered our photographs firstly by contact sheet and later with selected high resolution files in Jpeg, Psd and Pdf file formats. The new client was delighted to say the least, with the service and quality of our work. The big negative was cost. They paid twice. In reality all the signs were there they just didn't see or read them.

This year there has been an upsurge in self proclaimed aerial photographers. Most use the small 'off the shelf' copters and gopro cameras. The majority have never held a camera before, nor do they have the knowledge of the basic understanding of a cameras functions, let alone capture and offer professional work. Whilst we do have such a unit ourselves, it is never ever offered for professional photography. Our business spans three generations of photographers all of whom have been trained to the highest of professional standards in photography, all have undergone training courses with world leaders in photography, qualified first in Ireland for the flying of UAV's and all of whom only deliver the best possible result. Our reputation speaks for itself and is much too important to us.

However if you decide to go for the cheap option be prepared to be disappointed. Certinly if you want our help we will be only to glad to offer you any advice to help you along. We may be a little more expensive but a least coming to us in the first instance you won't pay twice.

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