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MotoX - Ulster Classic MX

20 Sep 2014

Even on a promised day off, its hard to put the camera down.  While driving close to home I saw a road sign - Ulster Classic MX, pointing toward a hayfield. I've never photographed a trails event before and thought this would be a great oppurtunity to do so and to brush up on a few camera skills at my leisure. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

The first thing I noticed was the smell of the oil from the bikes not to mention the clouds of dust. There were a couple of obvious photographic locations close to the course but for me, something was lacking. I just couldn't get a feel for the action. There was no sense of atmosphere, speed or skill to ride the race, but all the other guys were there taking photos. I wanted just a little more action, wheels in the air, mud being stirred up, those high energy shots associated with motor sport. Walking the course during a break in racing, I found a few suitable sites looking down through the race track and on a bend.  Those locations also provided me with low vantage points were I could shoot under the safety rope without compromising my own safety. Lying in the prone position I took some amazing photographs with a wide open lens and a pretty slowish shutter speed as I didn't want to completely freeze all movement.

I thoroughly enjoyed the few hours I had to myself in a stress free and relaxed environment. Next time I'll have a protective camera cover!!  

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