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Live broadcast from the - Circuit of Ireland Rally 2016

10 Apr 2016

April 2016 sees the return of the "Circuit of Ireland Rally" for 2016.

It was an absolute pleasure to have been invited to cover the 'Circuit of Ireland Rally 2016'. This year the team pushed the boundaries further than ever, by being part of a "Live TV broadcast" covering special stages of the Circuit of Ireland. In conjunction with SkyLine Aerial and Eurosport, we put together two teams of extremely strong and highly talented drone (UAV) and camera operators to cover several stages of the Circuit of Ireland 2016. 

Using two of the hottest and fastest moving aerial systems available today, both crews not only provided a constant live TV downlink for the full duration of the live broadcast to thousands of viewers watching the Circuit of Ireland, right around the world, via the internet but also recorded the same footage in HD at the same time. Shooting in High Definition, the aerial camera relayed the video footage to a mobile satellite station, located closeby using a hard wired system. Within the mobile station, the program director provided constant feedback to both the ground and aerial camera teams, thoughout the transmission by RT. 

Following a number of planning meetings, to ensure all flights would be safe and without risk, coverage started at each stage, with the first car arriving, right through to the last one leaving. It was an extremely challanging task to keep both copters in the air and to provide live coverage for 100% of the time, over a period in the region of two to three hours. In the end, it was all worth the planning and sleepless nights.

Our crews provided endless aerial views, with some superb and exciting high speed, white knuckle car scenes. We did accomplish superb footage, which saw the crews go from fill-in camera to main camera by the end of the rally.

If you have a live event which requires aerial coverage please do contact the office, or fill in the online contact form. We can help with providing unique aerial footage.

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