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News blog

International aerial photography - Orlando, Florida

24 Nov 2014

During the early days of my photography apprenticeship (1970's) one statement has always stood out, "Go to where the work is". That statement is as true today as it was back then. So much so, that November gave way to an International travel plan to the United States of America. To the State of Florida, where one of our current clients has a unique business. Due to a confidentially clause we cannot divulge or show what the CWP team got up to. Needless to say it was a fantastic experience and it did involve taking to the skys. Of course there's no point travelling 4500 miles without time devoted to getting a few shots of the Orlando area - Theme Parks in particular, which I have always had a wish to photograph.

Wizarding World - Harry Potter

During our time in the air we paid a visit to Aquatica, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Holywood Studios and Blizzard Beach. Hovering above each park a new world lay below us. 

Krakan at SeaWorld Florida

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