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News blog

Internal photography - Soloist Building, Belfast

21 Jun 2014

Newly fitted by the construction team at H&J Martin and occupied by the soliciting company Pinsent Masons, we were commissioned to cover external and internal photography of the Soloist building in Belfast. The site, although not fully complete, was looking teriffic and functional for internal photography. Our camera position for each scene was carefully selected and as the image was being created, flash units were repositioned about the office area, to ensure that any dark shadows were filled in with evenly lit light, making for a balanced and detailed photograph. Careful attention was also paid not to override the ambient light, as the internal lightings were very suttle and soft and evenly mixed with copious amounts of natural daylight filtering through from the skylight.

After some hours of hard work, we left with some unique and highly detailed, exciting photographs which our client can use for marketing, reference and exhibition purposes.

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