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Happy New Year

04 Jan 2015

Even over the holiday period I hate to see a beautiful sun rise go by without capturing them on film. The last week in December 2014 was one of those weeks - calm winds, spectectular sun rise.

Having some time off, I headed early to the beach on the eastern side of County Down. Its not often I get to use my go pro and small multi rotor copter in such fine conditions. I wanted to film the sunrise as best as I possibly could with the small sports camera, purely as an experiment.

The footage you are about to look at is entirely shot using a GoPro camera in 2.7K mode, mounted on a small quad copter. Post stabilisation has not been added to the reels, all is as recorded. Editing was completed using FCPx. I suppose I really wanted our clients to know that it's not how high we can legally fly but how low and at a height to achieve stunning unexpected results.
The flying area was clear of people and we did obtain permission from the horse riders to include a few seconds as they trotted through the low tide. The other actor was 'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull' who seemed to follow me everywhere. You'll see him throughout the short in different shots.
Donaghadee is only 22 miles from Belfast and is the home to the oldest pub in Ireland - Grace Neill's
Music - A voice in Svay Park, Tony Anderson.

Sun, Sea & Donaghadee from COLIN WILLIAMS PHOTOGRAPHY on Vimeo.

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