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Construction photography M1 - Photographers do work 24hrs

12 Sep 2015

It is without exception that we never know where we will be from day to day, never mind which part of the day we'll be working. A long standing client of ours, was commissioned to resurface part of the M1 Motorway outside Lisburn during the hours of darkness, with road closures between 11pm and 6am, to facilate the works. It was essential that all works were fully completed prior to the motorway reopening to traffic the following morning.

Whitemountain in-turn commissioned us, to get involved in progress shots, on the live site. Before going further, I should say this is a fast moving area with large vehicles, steamrollers, spreaders, planers and workmen all working against the time before the motorway reopened at 6am. Unfortunately for me, the site was in pitch darkness with no street lighting apart from one lamp tower at the beginning of the project. Nor would there be time to set up lights of any kind during this race against time. But I still have to capture as much of the work as possible. 

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