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Aerial photography - Express service

14 Feb 2015

The team at Colin Williams Photography will always aim to provide our clients with the very best in personal service and of course professional photography. A prime example of our business ethos reflects well in this article.

Several months ago we received an enquiry regarding aerial photography from a prospective client. As usual we replied within a few hours with a fully inclusive, no frills attached quotation. Unfortunately we didn't hear from them...... until Monday at 1PM.

To keep this entry short, the client required our urgent help to have the aerial work completed, not just as soon as possible but by yesterday. After a short adjustment to our afternoons planning / shooting schedule, we were at the Co Down site in just over the hour. We obtained all permissions and completed the photography as expeditiously as possible.  By 7PM, less than 6 hours later, on Monday evening our well pleased and surprised client had delivered to him all finished photography.

So please, if you have an urgent requirement for professional photography just ask the team by completing your details via our "request quote form" here.

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