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Aerial filming - Riverland TV series

08 Jul 2014

News about the Movi gimbal travels fast and it wasn't too long before our first outing. Producers at the media company were looking for a fresh new way to make the slow drifting travel of a Canadian Kayak come alive on screen. The challange was to take the normal dolly shot, and extend the run not along the ground but to a higher vantage point.  It was important for the viewer to think - how did they do that. What we and the directors quickly realized was, with our aerial system especially with the Movi gimbal, that was now very possible to complete - in one take.

Starting close to the subject, the kayak, we were very confortable to track along side, as the craft floated slowly along the river, before starting to climb the copter higher and higher to reveal the meandering river through the country side as far as the eye could see.

Every step of the shot was well planned out, from river bank safety, the take off position, to the track alongside the Kayak to the point where the copter would rise higher and higher. Nothing was compromised or taken for granted.

Watch out in the Autumn for our scenes coming to a screen close to you during a six week TV series. 

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