Case Studies - Shooting box office movies - Exmoor

Case Studies

During the week, the crew from Colin Williams Photography were invited onto the film set of 'Exmoor' a box office movie, set in the moorland hills of Co Antrim. Colin Williams Photography were to provide the low level aerial photography required for a few scenes in this horror/adventure production. Our crew couldn't have had a more appropriate day for a horror set, with low mist, fog and light winds.  Conditions for us, the cast of actors and the director were perfect.  After receiving a brief we headed onto the filming area where our CAA qualified UAV pilot and camera operator got to work carrying out the aerial photographic commission. Remaining with us was the assistant director who viewed a live feed from our Canon C300 camera to our base monitor. 

Each scene was flown several times and in different directions to ensure we had covered everything suitable for the production team. Once the actors had been through costume they received a safety brief by us as to the role in which our helicam would be used. Taking safety seriously our crew ensured that the actors understood what our emergency procedures were, should anything untoward occur.

The screen grab above is from one scene, when three friends became two, and is the only image we will provide until the movie is cut and released at the box office. Needless to say we met some fantastic people and throughly enjoyed our day working with a great cast and team. 


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