Case Studies - BT ad - 'The Thrill of Infinity'

Case Studies

A local TV media company required thrilling low-level photographs and video footage from Barry's Amusement Park, Portrush. Their picture storyboard portrayed a high-speed roller coaster, at the local well-known amusement venue, travelling throughout the coaster track at the lightning speed of 'broadband'. The video brief was to show local landmarks as the coaster rose high in the sky and again as it plummeted earthward.

To place the stills/video cameras at the high heights (370 feet) and positions required, the company had planned to use a high lift platform or crane, but could not get the reach and height. The Director, also looked at using a large number of helium filled balloons tied together to lift the camera rig, but there was virtually no positioning control and risk was large. Although having a unique story and original idea, the advert was abandoned simply because of the difficult technical issues involved in obtaining the footage.

The Film Director became aware of the services that Colin Williams Photography could offer in respect of aerial still/video footage. The company had never worked with us before and was totally immersed in how we could help them achieve the impossible using UAV's. On a calm day our UAV operators arrived on site and immediately commenced filming at the request of the Director. The UAV flew and hovered very close to the roller coaster as well as covering the high wide angled shots. During the day, all video and stills were completed with ease and without incident. The completed work was featured on ITV at peak periods and was called "BT – The thrill of Infinity"


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