Case Studies - Aerial survey for Estate Agents

Case Studies

It's not without question that leading estate agents use aerial photography to promote high valued land and property throughout the province. The big stumbling block of this photography is the perception of high cost. In general terms and from our experience, the sales agent is expecting a next day return of photographs from placing their aerial commission at a reasonable cost. This is seldom possible, because of logistical matters and weather. Many times we have flown to a location for a 'one of location shoot' only to find the subject area in cloud shade or fog. The only solution at the time to us is to circle the area in the hope that the cloud or fog will clear. Circling an area for any length of time will double aircraft expenses which, today can prove rather expensive.

In this case study our agent knew the shots they required. Arriving at our site, the early morning fog lingered longer than expected. Had this been a full size aircraft we would most likely have returned to the airfield empty handed leaving our client with an expensive invoice for aircraft hire. As the agent had chosen to use our unmanned aerial vehicle we were able to remain on site until the fog had dispersed about an hour later. Following a detailed brief of what was required to be photographed we chose the best site to position our UAV. Within a few minutes from preparing the UAV for flight we were photographing at 400ft above ground level. Our client was supplied with a number of different photographs by the end of the day and at a cost less expensive than the fullsize.


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