Case Studies - Aerial Roof Survey / Window Inspection with UAV

Case Studies

A Quantity Surveyor, made contact with Colin Williams Photography, regarding low level aerial photography at the Slieve Donard Hotel Newcastle.  The hotel was due for a Level 1 visual roof and window inspection and survey.  The problems facing our client was the 'how to' !! Having sought the services of a high hoist, they quickly realised the basket stretch wasn't long enough. Next available was a 90 tonne crane with basket, which did have the stretch but was combersome, unsightly and limited in maneouverabity around the delicate sandstone lintels. It was a plausible method but the vehicle no doubt would have caused damage to the lawn immediately at the front of the hotel. Concerns were also raised as to what was under the topsoil, in so much that the weight of the crane could crush water pipes, electricity cables adding the the fact that special reinfornced covers were required to save grass and whatever lay below the surface.  

An estimated time frame of between 2-3 full days just to have a look at the condition of roof was proposed.  That's not to mention the inconvenience to hotel staff and guests at the unsightly unit, right outside their window.  Cost was building fast with 3 day crane hire, operators, special reinforced ground covering and stone specialists just to get up there, to see if structure required attention.  

Just after morning checkout 11am, Colin Williams Photography deployed their unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with a canon 5DMkIII full frame camera. On site with our qualified UAV operators were the Quantity Surveyor and Stone Masion. Working together we flew the UAV close and low to each section to be inspected. During the flight, 19 windows, as seen in the above image, were photographed as well as the entire front roof section. The completed aerial task took sevaral hours in comparision to 2-3 days, produced highly detailed images which proved invaluable to the inspection and without damage or inconvenience. To our clients advantage, the cost efficient saving was approximately 80% less than other alternatives.

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