Case Studies - Aerial Roof Inspection - Titanic building Belfast

Case Studies

Very recently we were contacted by an International Roofing and Clading company who had completed some work for the Titanic building in the heart of Belfast.  The brief was to capture vertical aerial images of the completed steel roof structure.  They had engaged the services of another photographer but unfortunately the most important close up detailed vertical aerial shots were omitted from their commission. Our role was to fly as close as possible to the structure and obtain highly detailed views.

Our first task was to obtain the necessary CAA and ATC approvals and permissions for this area.  Those who know Belfast will be aware that the Titanic building is very close to Belfast George Best Airport.  Infact it is on the approach/departure to 22/04. Having completed our risk assessments and permissions obtained from Belfast ATC, we were ready to complete the task as briefed.

Our UAV was fitted with a Canon 5DmkIII and flown into position by our highly trained and qualified pilot.  During the course of mid morning we were able to obtain all necessary aerial images including some very low work which defines the roofing structure and material.  The shoot was straight forward and with access to our base station and video monitor, a live feed was fed back to our ground based photographer.  Full radio communication took place between our staff and the ATC operators at Belfast City.

Currently the images we obtained for our client would be impossible by any other means that we are aware of in Northern Ireland.


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